09 July 2009

TimewARP 2600

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TimewARP2600 soft synth by Way Out Ware, emulation of the Arp 2600 . I've had this one for awhile, and it still holds its own. General consensus online seems to be that this is the better soft synth emulation of the 2600 out there. Running it at 96k, I can get about 4 voices of polyphony on my Mac Pro. Most of the time that's overkill though. It's a fun little soft synth that lets me do oscillator FM, filter FM, and FM on pulse width modulation. This time around, I didn't simply bounce the clips ITB from Logic. These were actually sent out via analog and recorded back in to make them sound a bit more real. I put the crazier clips up first. Enjoy the samples!


  1. Cool, any idea how close one could come to something like "Waiting for the Night" from Depeche Mode? Pretty sure they used a 2600.

  2. I've been in love with this soft synth for a couple of years. As for the DM song, the patch bank is pretty large, and contains most fundamentals, so patching out the (relatively simple) sounds in that song should be possible.