03 July 2009

Waldorf Largo

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Waldorf Largo soft synth. Yep, that's the sweet hard-cover manual they include in the box. Installation was a breeze - I use it as an audiounit in Logic. I use a dongle for the license, but no problem for me because I regularly use the synchrosoft key anyway, and I'm familiar with their setup. Used the code from the box to register, and they send the e-license to the key. (Update: hardware dongle is NOT required. They offer a 'software e-licenser' as an alternative. )

Does it sound like the Blofeld? Yes, I think so. In fact, on most patches I think it's nearly identical, assuming you're using the same ingredients. The Blofeld has the PPG filter emulation, while the Largo doesn't. Instead, the Largo got a nice useful EQ and also sub-oscillators, not found (if I remember correctly) on the Blofeld. I think the basic architecture is the same in terms of number of oscillators, dual filter setup, FM, etc. The Blofeld will certainly still hold its own as a standalone synth. It's more hands-on and can also get the Sample Wave option. I don't think Largo's getting that one.

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Just the way my studio is setup, I run all my Logic sessions at 96k. Largo held up just fine at 32 voices on my Mac Pro. You could definitely see it eating up most of 1 whole CPU bar, but there were no audio glitches, drop outs, or buzz (unless intentional!) There were, however, scary loud moments if I did too much filter FM with high resonance and forgot to turn down the volume. I haven't tried to see if this is better at 44.1k yet.

It's great that Largo has 4 large layer buttons laid out right in front. It's super simple to copy settings from one layer to the other. In one of the demo clips, you can hear how I used just a simple sine staccato sound, but then spread it over 4 layers, each with a different arpeggio and delay setting! Of course, the old "layer the same patch but one octave higher" trick is also easy to achieve.

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I don't really love the effects too much, but the delay is alright I guess. That's pretty much the only negative from me about Largo. Plenty of wicked presets are already loaded in, so no worries for the inexperienced. I can see myself actually spending the time to program patches, because the end result is worth it.

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  1. This sounds nice! I'm obsessed with 80's funk/rnb and have been playing with the demo version to see if it can pull off analog-ish sounds of the Juno and Oberheim. It's good to hear what other sounds people are designing with this. I'm getting fatigued with having to work with and sequence my hardware and want to work "in the box," move my workflow into a new century, but I don't want to submit to the tyranny of NI, and I want good sound quality. Almost convinced. Thanks for sharing, homie.