01 August 2009

Yellow Omega 8

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Studio Electronics Omega 8. CL516 Edition. Polyphonic analog synth. Although there are 2 to 3 other yellow panel units in existence, it's confirmed this is the only Omega 8 with all the lighted switches changed to yellow. The folks at Studio Electronics are great and were so kind to tell me about this panel when I called in. I'm not much of a photographer - the display is less green in real life. This one has the discrete op amp mod on the stereo outputs. Standard MINI and SEM filters only.

Sound: absolute dream. 8 discrete voices. Analog and fat, yet tight and precise and articulate. None of that "carelessly eating up too much sonic space" stuff. It gets to the point and delivers sonic oomph very efficiently. I've yet to perform the auto-tune on it so far. I give it enough time to warm up, and all 8 voices are well-behaved. Sounds alive.

Inspiring to play! It was easy to come up with 12 demo clips. They're in no particular order, so download away and try to give them all a listen. Recorded in stereo because many of the patches use panned voices. No FX - completely dry so you can hear the pure character of the synth. Now, turn up the volume!

It's got oscillator and my all-important filter FM inside, which sounds great. Multi-mode is a simple affair - I can do stuff like Split 1+7 or Layer 4+4, more than enough for me. I've been told that the envelopes and LFO's are software. I heard some people complain about it sounding metallic. Sorry to disappoint, but aside from intentional programming efforts, this machine is warm, sweet, and most of all, smooth. I can write my parts in any octave I want now, no more avoiding the high end because of sounding nasty. The bass, though not 100% exactly as creamy and dirty as the SE-1X, is still super deep and punchy. Tight and efficient. Overall, extremely easy to use. Most menu items are just 1 or 2 steps away.

omega 01

I didn't go for the CODE because (a) I happen to like the triangle wave, (b) I don't want a built-in onboard overdrive and (c) I like the arpeggiator. I look forward to trying out the 8 external inputs located on the back of the synth.

Hope you enjoy my Omega version of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" which sounds like a couple of past-their-prime funky dudes who've had too much to drink. It wasn't mixed at all, no panning, no EQ, nothing. Just a couple of quick takes.

omega 04


  1. Great demos! Beefy yet precise and the FM sounds are well defined - I'm jealous!

  2. Great demos doing justice to this wonderful synth, thank you

  3. One Yellow Omega is in the UK, the other one still belongs to Babyface, so I guess yours makes three!?

  4. @ Anonymous: true, i've heard about the other yellow face plates. but i think mine be the only one with yellow buttons on yellow panel. :)

  5. Nothing comes close to it, worth every penny,,,for those who can hear this INSTRUMENT makes some real, real, real difference