06 October 2009

Omega 8 as a Drum Machine.

Studio Electronics Omega 8 as a drum machine. Rather than play the usual handful of musical hooks, I thought wouldn't it be useful if it was drum loop time. Well, long gone are my TR-909, TR-808, Xbase09, MFB-502, and I haven't picked up those D16 plugins yet. So I decided, why not use the Omega 8?

Because it's an 8-voice VCO synth, I can use its multi-mode and sequence it as 8 separate drum voices. I did this in Logic, very simple. AMT-8 sent the MIDI OUT to the Omega with port 8, and then MIDI channels 1-8 controlled the 8 voices. The multi mode has several options including Layer 4+4, 1+7, etc. I used the multi channel option to make this happen. Take note: when changing this option, you have to save the patch before it becomes active.

Omega 8 as a Drum Machine by Calvin Cardioid
Half of the sounds are from the onboard presets, and the other rhythmic percussive sounds I programmed them in for this post. Then I ran the Omega 8 out into some good outboard, including the Culture Vulture for a nice subtle warm blanket. No tape this time though.

The key to making it work: make sure you have a bunch of normal patches saved already as mono. (Then write the names down, 'cause the multi-mode edit only shows patch numbers and no names.) This way, each part won't cut into each other when you're programming crazy beats. It's all worth it too, because it's 8 VCO's going at the same time, so it's always gonna sound a tiny tiny bit different. Very alive.

Downloadable clips as usual. Make a cool song! Starting from Loop A, the tempo is 82, 126, 135, amd 78 BPM. "B" is my favorite, I'm totally gonna make something with it!

omega drum 1 - Share on Ovi omega drum 3 - Share on Ovi
Culture Vulture - Share on Ovi omega drum 2 - Share on Ovi

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