07 December 2009

Macbeth Studio Systems Moroco Filter

Macbeth Moroco Stereo Filter 01 Macbeth Moroco Stereo Filter 02
Macbeth Studio System's Moroco Stereo Filter. I've actually done one previous post on this unit before, but in that post I only sent ambient sound through it. This time I made the filter process simple sawtooth and square waves instead. Just to recap, this is a stereo filter that Macbeth once made. Each filter can be LP, BP, or HP. There are four LFO's onboard - two for each filter. Some cool modulation sources include sample & hold, and red noise!

If you click for a close-up on the third photo, you can see there are various individual input and output connections such as LFO outputs and CV inputs. I think the filters are supposed to be some sort of variable SEM 12db, but I can't really remember the specs anymore. All I know is it still sounds superb - syrupy, thick, old. It's a pretty different game from the Sherman. I've never had a chance to check out Carsten Schippmann's Ebbe Und Flut, so I can't compare. But I'm sad to hear that might now also be discontinued? The world needs more filter boxes in my opinion. Sample away! P.S. It's interesting to hear what's going on with the Soundcloud encoding in the 'Sweeps' audio file. That's what 128kbps will do. I've made the original WAV's downloadable.

UPDATE: someone asked about the source oscillators - they are Omega 8, with filter wide open set to the 12db. But check out my previous Moroco post on here, there are some clips with the Virus as source oscillator. IMO, once I use the Moroco, it's less about the source. Its tone is always prevalent.

Macbeth Moroco Stereo Filter 03 Macbeth Moroco Stereo Filter 04


  1. That's a great filter. What are the source oscillators? Voyager?

  2. As far as I know, they didn't sell very well and there are perhaps 20 out there. Ken once commented on this on the Macbeth group. As I understand it, this is the second step in the evolution of the Macbeth filter (M3X -> Morocco -> M5 -> euro).