20 January 2011

Raw Analog Materials for Octatrack

Raw Materials
To celebrate everyone's soon-to-be arriving Octatrack units, I put together some raw analog sounds which might be useful as source materials. These crazy modulations originate from either the Analogue Solutions Tereshkova or the Moog Voyager, with no additional pedals in the signal chain. The waveforms were then recorded to tape at 15 ips before being dumped into the computer. No brickwall limiting applied during the realtime bounce.
Raw Analog Materials for Octatrack by Calvin Cardioid
In other words, these sounds are meant to be shaped in every which way, and because the Octatrack should be able to handle rather large audio files (from what I've read), hopefully some of you might find these 7 WAV files useful as a starting point that's different from the factory pre-loaded content. They're definitely not great to just sit and listen to, but load them up into the Octatrack and maybe you'll make something new!

P.S. Although this post was created specifically because people are getting their Octatracks soon, these files can obviously be loaded into any sampler.

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